Vincent Parisi #20


Position: Forward
Height: 6-3
Weight: 210
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.
Last Team: Total Athletics (EHL)


I have a somewhat unique story that brought me here to St. John’s. I come from Park Ridge, Illinois, a suburb just outside Chicago. I started playing hockey in middle school after playing soccer through childhood. I progressed into high school hockey and after three years of trying I made a AAA team my senior year of high school in Milwaukee. After my senior year I moved to Connecticut to play juniors in the USPHL Premier Division. My team struggled to win and there were some issues with the coaching staff and organization. After Christmas I left Connecticut and went to Massachusetts to join the Total Athletics Seahawks. I was able to further learn defensive tactics and refine my physicality while enjoying a productive end to the season. Throughout the year I had been doing research of Divsion III programs and visited many on the east coast.

I loved the east coast and wanted to stay but many of the schools I visited lacked what I wanted in a college. I reached out to St. John’s early in the year and after getting a response from the coaching staff I applied. I liked what I saw of the campus and the academics seemed like the challenging and diverse environment I desired. I came to visit during a fly in weekend in April and loved everything about the school. After the season finished my original plan was to play another season for my Coach in MA but my parents were against me being out of school for a second year. I come from a very education centered family and it was something I didn’t want to put off long either. After receiving a substantial academic scholarship I decided to attend St. John’s University and try to walk on the hockey team. I plan to play lacrosse here as well.

My major is currently Biochemistry but I am still very much exploring majors and potential career paths. I have an aptitude for math and science and enjoy problem solving as well as writing and creative processes. As of right now I am unsure of the career path I want to take, but whichever one I choose I want to be able to collaborate and be creative as possible - and hopefully never work from a cubicle.